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Pat Quinn and Regaining the Power of Your Voice
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Self Esteem and Children

What are some of the most important tips you have for raising a children who is only 1 year old now?
I would tell you not to minimize the power of a parent's love-too often we outsource our parenting to others and think that the child does not know the difference. Every smile, every song, every word you share with even a 1 year old makes an impact. I would also tell you to remove anything around that you do not want your child getting into (if possible) so that you do not have to spend your days saying "no!' and getting upset when things are broken or ruined. This way your 'no's' are taken more seriously and saved for important times. Allow your child the freedom to explore and be independent, try not to hover too close so that he never experiences the joy of self discovery or the feeling of falling and then getting up on his own. This is a beautiful time as you watch your child develop and see his personality grow-I wish you much joy and blessing.

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