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The Dinner Date

One of the most popular ways of getting to know someone is through the "Dinner Date".... Although most people think that they are quite knowledgeable in this area, as a matchmaker, I hear from both men and women, quite the opposite... If you already are doing the following things, wonderful! and if you pick up even one new idea, wonderful! so, for this week`s dating tips, here are some helpful suggestions for having a successful dinner date...... GENTLEMEN: Pick an affordable restaurant with a nice ambience....Flouriscent lighting and loud background noise are not conducive for good conversation and connecting. Always make sure that the lady`s order is taken first and that she feels that she can order what she likes...Don`t monopolize the conversation, telling her all the details of your many life more interested in learning about hers. Your conversing should not feel like an interrogation but a natural flow of sharing mutual ideas and goals... Be sure not to eat too quickly - stop and pause for a bit... Women hate to be in a race to keep up, aside from the obvious health benefits and appearances...Never scrape your plate for the last crumbs or lift the dish to your mouth (yes, this actually happens).. If you would like to see what your date sees while sitting opposite you, I recommend placing a mirror in front of yourself at home during a meal and watching...Chewing with your mouth closed is a must for everyone......enough said.. Treat the waiter with respect and patience - Remember, your middos are always showing.....and always leave a decent tip, dates notice if a man is very frugal...Women appreciate generosity...... Always see your date home if she allows it, or put her in a cab....Never leave her at the subway late at night or on the street... LADIES: Always return phone calls promptly and be on time for your date. Dress neatly and appropriately ...never wear sweatpants (yes, this happens) or look like you made no effort to dress for the evening...Respect for each other is always the rule....Never pick an expensive restaurant unless your date suggests it. When ordering, always be thoughtful about the cost...Notice what your date is selecting and take your cue from that.. it will be noticed and appreciated.. Be interested and interesting...Don`t talk about your old boyfriends or speak Loshon Horah (saying something bad about someone even if it`s true) regarding your parents, boss, friends, etc. ... You show who you are by what you choose to talk about. Always thank your date for dinner and say you had a nice time (there`s always some nice part of the evening to focus on). You don`t have to go out again but never be cold or unkind...Feelings are everywhere and we are responsible for not hurting others.. ..what goes around comes around...Always be a mensche with everyone, not just those you are attracted to.... If upcoming dating tips do not cover your concerns, please feel free to write in and our team of experts will try to assist you. If you have some good tips or helpful stories yourself, we`d love to hear them... May all your dating experiences be good ones.... SEE YOU AT HINENI.....phyllis