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Dear Mrs. Jungreis, I have not even gotten to the third chapter in your book, The Committed Life, and I find it one of the most interesting things I have ever read in my life! I especially like the story entitled, Run Shai Run, , I can only imagine how extraordinary that must have amde Shai feel! What inspired you to write this book? You have a special talent, and I one day hope to write a book about walking with the Lord. Perhaps that`s what I shall call it, Your Walk With the Lord. But I don`t think that that is right around the corner though, for I am only ten years old! I can only imagine the tons of letters you must receive about this book and the many people you have inspired to live a committed life. I like the passage you wrote in the first chapter of your book, A LONG LIFE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, BUT A GOOD LIFE IS LONG ENOUGH. That was excellent! And it goes along with that chapter. Your book has inspired me to work on living a committed life, and who knows how much more inspired I will get before I finish your excellent book. Well I must go but may you be blessed by God. Shalom Casey Johnson