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A message for Rebbetzin Jungreis

Dearest Rebbetzin,

How are you feeling? I hope all is well with you and your family.

My husband and I would frequent your Torah classes a few years back. We were in search of a great meaning to Judaism. Coming from a traditional conservative background, our own questions came about in search of better knowledge. Since 2008, being our first encounter with you; we have grown as a family from having just one boy to Baruch Hashem 3 boys (6, 4 & 3) and our new mazel tov Sarah Leeba. Our learning has consistently grown year by year.

My husband Baruch Hashem has been learning in Staten Island where we live. He has such an ability to retain everything he learned. I ask him questions and amazingly in a few short minutes he gives me an answer and the source. We have come a long way. We are members of the yeshiva of Staten Island (Rosh Yeshiva Rueven Finestein). Although we don't come too often we still have the pleasure of listening to you on live stream.

You gave us as a couple chizuk to enjoy the spirit of Shabbos. We are fully shomer shabbos a few years now. Our Children are true Ben Torah. Their pride for Judaism is great and exciting to watch.

Last July 7, 2013 you made a trip to “Rodef Shalom” of Atlantic City, NJ. There you gave as always a beautiful lecture. Afterwards you had a book signing and it was my turn in line. I'm sure you were exhausted; with an effort always trying to remember each of the people you greet. You were excited to see us, asking us how we have been and then asked if we were expecting. I said not at the moment but I'H in the future. We have 3 beautiful boys who are always on the go. Of course another blessing is always wonderful. So you at the point touched me stomach with such kavanah and made a beautiful bracha. Well with your connection to Hashem it became a reality 9 months later.

Mazel Tov to you as well. Sarah Leeba was born on the 28th of Adar, Sunday, 3/30/14 at 12:55am, 8lbs, 21 1/2 inches.

Thank you for always giving us tremendous reflection, growth and source of inspiration. Without your initial love and welcoming of your Thursday Torah classes we would still be in search.

All the best!


Marcie and Jaison Guterman