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Thank You

I cannot express how greatful I am to you for your wonderful advice, explanations and inspiring illustrations on life. Dear Rebeetzin Esther Jungreis, I am a 23 year old Jewish South African woman. A friend of mine gave me your book as a gift because I was going travelling for a year. I am still travelling and your book travels with me. Whenever I have felt low and missing home, I know that I can read a chapter of your book for comfort. I was in America and now I am living in London - still along way from family and friends. Everything just makes so much sense. I have experienced many things in the past 10 months-some good, some bad and when in need of explanations on lifes little lessons, I always refer to the appropriate chapter in your book and it helps me to identify with my own personal situtation. Your book shall remain an integral part of my travels and my life and I thank you for sharing your stories and principles of good living with me. Thank you