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What A Gem! 20 Stars!!, May 2, 2003

There is no bad chapter in this book which is 350 pages. And every page is packed with lightbulb moments, and the wisdom shared is wisdom that men as well as women, young adults to elders amongst us will savor.
And when I said to my husband that Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis is someone I would like to have for a friend he stopped what he was doing and remarked that she must be very wise for me to say such a thing. But the fact is, she is someone who will remind the reader of a favorite relative, teacher, neighbor, friend who when they spoke they brought to life the adage that one shouldn`t speak unless they have something of value to add.
The author is also an excellent role model for humanity, having come through the darkest valleys of life (the holocaust) not a victim but a survivor and a champion for those who believe in taking what one has in their pantry of life and making a feast for the mind, body and spirit.
The other thing wonderful I found in the book is the same belief that my Dad taught me, which is that by doing something good one passes a positive memory onto someone. The story of the young children who were kind to the young disabled child playing baseball creates the positive memory for all involved. The young woman Beth who befriended the kitten in Israel was a wonderful reminder that kindness to Gods creation never goes unnoticed.
And I especially loved reading of parents whose children were lost by societies standards, but who proved society wrong. Or the stories shared of older couples struggling with spouses who had mental health challenges and bad habit challenges, and how there is a positive answer if one looks to God.
This is THE book that we are buying for Mothers and Father`s Day and Graduation and Birthday gifts. It is I promise you one of those rare books where you read a chapter, put it down and within a few hours you want to read more. And when you are finished you want to re-read it and in doing so you discover new lessons you missed the times before. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.