The Holiday Of Purim

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The Holiday Of Purim

         If there is any holiday that affords us the opportunity to reach out to our brethren and share with them our timeless heritage, it is the feast of Purim.

       Purim is the most joyous of all Jewish holidays. It is written that when Messiah comes and all our holidays become obsolete, Purim will nevertheless be observed. The Shabbos preceding is called Shabbos Zachor, and every Jew must listen to the reading of Deuteronomy 25 ñ the Torah portion which recalls the evil that Amalek (the arch anti-semite and ancestor of Haman) plotted against our people.
        It is a positive mitzvah to recall Amalekís iniquity and to blot out their evil deeds.
Join us for an inspirational beautiful Megillah reading at 7:00pm chanted by Dr. Michael Zelefsky - ALL WELCOME, followed by a spectacular Purim Party on Wednesday evening, March 4th at the the Bentley, 500 E 62 Street, NYC. Music, Open Bar, Great Food. Costumes and Prizes for best one. $36 in Advance $45 at the Door, RSVP a Must! Call 212-496-1660

Please note that the Fast of Queen Esther is on Wednesday, March 4, Fast begins 5:05am and concludes 6:17pm NYT.

There are 4 Mitzvahs connected with Purim:

1) The reading of the Megillah
     Every Jew, male and female, young and old, healthy or infirm, must listen to the reading of the Megillah, which is read twice ñ on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
2) Sending Shaloch Manos and Gifts of Foods
     At least two different types of ready to eat food should be included in these baskets of goodies. This is a beautiful way of extending holiday greetings to your friends and neighbors. The mitzvah of Shaloch Manos should be performed on Purim day. It is considered praiseworthy to send as many Shaloch Manos as one can.
3) Gifts to the Poor
     We are commanded to give gifts to at least two people on Purim. It is a very big mitzvah to give tzedaka to the poor on Purim with an open hand.
4) The Purim Seudah and Feast
     The Zohar teaches that on Purim, one may accomplish through celebration and feasting that which is achieved through fasting and affliction on Yom Kippur. It is a mitzvah to invite guests to oneís Purim table.

         Let this Purim be truly an occasion on which you will follow the dictates of Esther and Mordechai by reaching out to your fellow and communicating the eternal values of our Torah in all its grandeur and magnificent spirit.