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Parshas B'Haaloscha And They Waited For Miriam!

Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moshe regarding the Cushite woman he had married. Aaron turned to Miriam and behold she was afflicted with Tzaraas, leprosy.  Miriam was quarantined outside the camp for seven days and the people waited for Miriam until she was healed (chapter 1-15).

Rashi asks why 3 million Jews would wait for one person Miriam for seven days. What Zechut, merit did Miriam have that the Jewish nation said we we will not leave Miriam behind?  Rashi explains, Hashem gave her this honor because eighty years before little  Miriam, the big sister of infant  Moshe waited for him as he was in the basket. She protected him by approaching  Princess  Bisya  the daughter of Pharaoh.
We see because she showed concern and waited that Mitzvah that act of Chessed was recorded for eternity now when she needed it most Hashem paid Miriam back and the Jewish nation waited for her. The Torah teaches us every Mitzvah every act of Chessed is repaid sometimes it may take eighty years but it is never forgotten. 
May the Mitvos and Chessed we do bring us health blessings and Mazel. Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi  yisroel