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Parshas Chayei Sora

Prayer and Finding a Shidduch

Eliezer prayed to Hashem that Hashem should do a chesed for his master Abraham, that he find a wife for Isaac. It is difficult to understand why one would have to pray for a match for Isaac, a man who had it all. He was the scion of a great family, fabulously wealthy, magnificent in appearance, and brilliant; in short, a great catch. Who would not want to marry him? But from this we learn that when it comes to finding our life partners, we all need G-d’s help. It’s easy enough to get married, but to marry the right one – for that we need Divine assistance, for that, we have to pray. An especially auspicious time for prayer is during Minchah, the afternoon service, for that was the prayer that Isaac was reciting when he first beheld Rebecca.