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Parshas Eikev

Viata Yisroel Mawh Hashem Eliokacha Shoel Miyimach. Now Nation of Israel what does Hashem your God want from you? {10:10} The Shulchan Aruch - Code of the Jewish Law says, a Jew is required to recite one hundred Brachos daily.  Rabbi Mayer says this is alluded to in the sentence by not reading the word Mawh - what but May-Awh which means one hundred. 


During the reign of King David a plague killed one hundred people every day.  King David was able to see from Ruach Hakodesh - Divine Providence, that because we did not thank Hashem for the blessings we were given, we were punished thru this plague. If the Jewish nation would recite one hundred Brachos - Blessings   everyday the plague would stop. King David enacted this law and the plague ceased.   


Besides reciting blessings every day its important for someone to respond Amain after a blessing. Amain which means true has a Gematria - numerical value of ninety one, which is the same Gematria value as the word Malach - angel. By people responding  Amain to your blessings you are creating guardian angels around yourself and family.


May the Guardian angels we create bring us much blessings and mazel.


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yisroel