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Parshas Ki Tetze

Aizehu Ashir - Who Is Rich?

“If One Is Happy With Their Lot”


The Parashah admonishes us not to harness an ox and a donkey together to plow (22-10). Although this commandment is a chok, for which no reason is given, we can derive a moral lesson from it. The Torah has compassion on the animals, since they have different energy levels, and harnessing them together would pit one against the other, causing undue pain and stress. In addition, the ox chews its cud, while the donkey swallows grass or grain quickly, leading the donkey to believe that the ox, which takes longer to consume its food, was given a greater portion. Once again, there are lessons to be drawn in our human relations: Never pit people of different energy levels against one another. Never compare children, for each child is a star in his or her own right. Never should husbands and wives compare their spouses to others. All such comparisons can be painful and can leave deep scars. Each of us are Hashem’s creation, endowed with our own unique gifts and talents, and each of us has our own contribution to make.


Furthermore, if we jealously think that someone has more than we have, just remember the donkey that foolishly thinks that the ox has more that it does. Hashem gives to each of us that which we need, so instead of focusing on that which the other has, let us concentrate on that which Hashem blessed us.


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yisreol