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The Significance of Your Hebrew Name 

Our sages teach us, in the merit that the Jewish nation did not change their Hebrew names they were saved from the Egyptian bondage. The Zohar says a person attains 3 names in their life. The name his parents give him, the name his friends give him, and the name he attains for himself during his lifetime. The word Shem which means name comes from the word Shum which means your essence. The Zohar says your neshama; your soul is a handle upon your name. The name which one gives a child is the name of his neshama.

It is easier to wake a person who is sleeping by calling his name then by shaking him, because when a person goes to sleep hisneshama leaves him and the Talmud says sleep is 1/60 of death. That's why we say Modeh Ani when we wake up. By calling a person’s name the neshama returns and he wakes up.

Shlomo Hamelech says "better a good name then good oil". It says in Pirkay Avos there are 3 crowns in the world the crown of Torah, the crown of Kehuna, and the crown of Kings but the crown of a good name exceeds them all.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov

Rabbi Yis