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Ta’anis Esther

Ta'anis Esther - The Fast of Esther is Thursday, March 9

Fast begins 5:06am and concludes 6:38pm (times are for NYC)

It says in the holy book Kav Hayshar any person who needs Rachamay Shomayim- divine intervention for any situation in their life should pray with extreme concentration on the day of the Fast of Esther and recite psalm 22 Ayelet Hashachar "KAILI KAILI LOMA AZAVTANI" Hashem, Hashem please do not forsake me which was the Psalm Esther recited before she went to see King Achashvarosh. One should pour out their heart to Hashem with prayer as the Talmud says the "Gates of Tears are never closed". The same way Hashem answered the prayers of Mordechai and Esther so may our prayers be answered.

The Power of Prayer on Purim

On Purim we find that ”whoever asks will receive” even if they are not worthy. This applies to Tzdaka as well as personal prayers. When we ask for mercy from Hashem on Purim whoever stretches out their hands in prayer even if they are not worthy will have their wishes fulfilled. Our Sages tell us ”Yom Kippur is like Purim". The Bal Shem Tov explains that just like on Purim when someone stretches their hands to us and we do not ask any questions so to on Yom Kippur when we stretch our hands to Hashem we say to Hashem please answer us and do not ask any questions. Purim is called "Ais Ratzon" a special time of favor when the gates of heaven are open. One should rise early and recite Psalms and pour their hearts to Hashem. Those who have used this special time of prayer can testify that they saw incredible "Yeshuas" salvation and joy during the year because of their efforts.  Our Sages say "Im Lo Achshov Aimosai" if not now than when.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom and a Chag SaMayach and a beautiful and joyous Purim

Rabbi Yisroel