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About Rebbetzin

About Rebbetzin

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis was born in Hungary. She came to the United Starebbetzintes after surviving the Nazi’s Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Determined to devote her life to fighting the spiritual holocaust among Jews in the U.S. and around the world, the Rebbetzin founded Hineni. She writes a weekly column for the Jewish Press, the largest Anglo-Jewish paper in the world, teaches Torah on TV and over the Internet, and has authored four best selling books, “The Jewish Soul on Fire”; “The Committed Life”; "The Committed Marriage" and her latest release "Life Is A Test".  The Rebbetzin lectures across the globe, has been featured in numerous publications, and has been given formal recognition for her accomplishments by major religious and civic organizations in the U.S. and Israel.

We have some serious studies at Hineni. Intense Studies. But at the same time we also provide a platform for people to meet in a friendly, congenial ambiance. We say, Come and study with us. You will be spiritually elevated, intellectually stimulated, and emotionally energized. I hear people say:

I want to connect. I want to know who I am. I want to know what life is all about.

The awesomeness of studying Torah will resolve all these challenges. We offer you the opportunity to study in a very warm, loving, non-judgmental atmosphere, where together with other mature adults, you will explore and discover the greater meaning and purpose of your life.

Torah is an instruction manual for life. It would be difficult to believe that G-d who created the universe and created us would have allowed us to come into this world without guidance. Once you discover this instruction manual, your entire vision, your entire perspective, your entire approach to life will change. Open your heart and let G-d’s book speak to you. It’s your heritage.

My roots are very deep. It’s the wisdom of my father and my father’s father. It is an unbroken chain spanning the centuries. It is that wisdom that I and my children pass on. Generations walk with us. That is the magic of Hineni.

Hineni is a place where you can bring your grandma, your aunt, your cousin, your mom and your date. We cater to everybody. We attract not just the secular, but the observant as well and that is so exciting that people from every walk of life attend our classes, from the left to the right, because the Torah speaks to everyone. Everyone is welcome. Everyone feels at home. And that’s the magic of Torah.

- The Rebbetzin