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The Lessons of the Birds If a person spoke lashon hora they would incur a skin disease called Tzoraas which is a combination of the word Motze Rah "one who brings forth evil" The Kohen shall command the person being purified to take two live birds ". {Chapter 14-4} Rashi explains birds are brought... read more
Making TikunIn the opening verse, “Vayakhel Moshe – Moshe assembled,” Moshe gathers the entire congregation of the Jewish people. The word “Vayakhel” gives us pause. Usually the next text reads “Moshe spoke” or “Moshe commanded.” However, “Vayakhel” was the rallying cry calling the people to... read more
Take Nothing for GrantedAs Moses came down from Mt. Sinai and beheld the people dancing around the Golden Calf, he took the two tablets on which the Ten Commandments were engraved and threw them down, smashing them. It was only at this moment, just before the two tablets are about to be destroyed,... read more
Ta’anis EstherTa'anis Esther - The Fast of Esther is Thursday, March 9Fast begins 5:06am and concludes 6:38pm (times are for NYC)It says in the holy book Kav Hayshar any person who needs Rachamay Shomayim- divine intervention for any situation in their life should pray with extreme concentration on... read more
When the month of Adar arrives we increase our joy. On Purim everyone is required to send no less than two gifts of food to one another “Shalach Manos Ish Liraihu" the more gifts you send the more praiseworthy you are. Nevertheless, it is better to increase our Tzedaka, charity then to have a... read more
A stone is strong but iron can break it. Iron is strong but fire can soften it. Fire is strong but water extinguishes it. Water is strong but clouds carry it. Clouds are strong but wind can scatter it. Wind is strong but the body carries it. A body is strong but fear breaks it. Fear is strong but... read more
Do You Feel The Pain Of Your Brethren?A Lesson from Our Father upon His 21st YahrzeitAnd Pharaoh rose up at midnight… (Exodus 12:30)Regarding this passage, Rashi, whose commentaries are always concise and pithy, and whose work is a key component to understanding the Torah, explains: “Pharaoh got up... read more
The Significance of Your Hebrew Name Our sages teach us, in the merit that the Jewish nation did not change their Hebrew names they were saved from the Egyptian bondage. The Zohar says a person attains 3 names in their life. The name his parents give him, the name his friends give him, and the name... read more
Bringing Mashiach with Shema YisroelAs our forefather Jacob was about to expire, he called upon his children to unite, teaching us that in our unity, we will find blessing and strength. At that time, Jacob wanted to reveal the date of our final redemption, but G-d prevented him from doing so. For a... read more
The last night of Channuka when we light the 8th candle is Motzei Shabbos, Saturday night, December 31st.  It is called "Zos Channukah" one of the holiest days of the year. The Holy Zohar states it marks the final seal from Yom Kippur. The Ruzina Rebbie says that one can accomplish more with prayer... read more


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