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Your Mouth Is A Revolving DoorParshas Tazria and Metzora are usually read together. The word meteor is a combination of two words, mother and ra, meaning, to speak evil of others. The juxtaposition of these parshiyos to Parshas Shmini is very instructive, for in the previous parasha we studied not... read more
The Rebbitzen & The Secret of the Afikomen! “I shall send you Elijah the prophet , before the great and awesome day of HaShem. He shall restore the hearts of fathers to children and the hearts of children to their fathers”-The Haftorah  of Shabbos Hagodol During Tzafun, we finish off our meal... read more
Bells and Pomegranates Affixed to the hem of the robe of the Kohen Gadol were bells and pomegranates. There are many beautiful and inspirational explanations for this, but allow us to share just one with you.As the Kohen Gadol waked, the bells would tinkle, announcing his presence. From this we... read more
 Do You Feel The Pain Of Your Brethren?A Lesson from Our Father upon His 22nd YahrzeitAnd Pharaoh rose up at midnight… (Exodus 12:30)Regarding this passage, Rashi, whose commentaries are always concise and pithy, and whose work is a key component to understanding the Torah, explains: “Pharaoh got... read more
Hearing Hashem’s Voice In Good Times As Well As Bad Pharaoh saw that there had been a relief (from the plague of frogs), and kept making his heart stubborn. (Exodus 8:11) The Torah teaches us a lesson regarding human nature. Under stress we feel impelled to call out to Hashem and beseech His help.... read more
The Power of Shema In this parashah, we are witnessed to an amazing, miraculous reunion. After 22 long years, during which time our Patriarch Yaakov was led to believe that his beloved son, Yosef, had been killed, the two reunite. Yosef, now viceroy of Egypt, harnesses his chariot and goes forth to... read more
Sibling Rivalry In this week’s parashah, we read the story of Joseph’s betrayal by his brothers. This is one of those vexing, painful incidents that are difficult to comprehend. How can brothers be so callous? How can they be so cruel? By closely examining this passage from the Torah, we can gain... read more
“Chave’er Tov - Good Friends”The Torah tells us that Rivka was pregnant with twins and the children struggled within her womb, “Vayissrotz’tzu habanim b’kirbah.”Rashi explains that whenever Rivka passed a house of idolatry, Esuv fought to emerge, and when she passed a house of Torah study, Yaakov... read more
Prayer and Finding a ShidduchEliezer prayed to Hashem that Hashem should do a chesed for his master Abraham, that he find a wife for Isaac. It is difficult to understand why one would have to pray for a match for Isaac, a man who had it all. He was the scion of a great family, fabulously wealthy,... read more
Be A BlessingAfter blessing Avraham, Hashem tells him, “He’yei beracha”- “You shall be a source of blessing”, words that imply a higher level of blessing than simply, “You shall be blessed.” Most people seek blessings for themselves, and if given a choice, would opt to be blessed rather than be a... read more


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