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Bond in unity and stand up as proud Jews.As anti-Semitic incidents rise at an alarming rate, I am listening carefully to the message of Purim.The Jewish people were frightened, faced with threat of annihilation. Haman’s hatred hung over the nation like a dark cloud. King Achashverosh told Haman “to... read more
Teaching our children to bring the light of goodness to a dark world.Melissa Work told her six-year-old son Blake to clean up his room. Blake wasn’t happy and told his mother that there were way too many toys to pick up.“Toys are your blessings,” his mother said, explaining that that there are many... read more
New studies show that you can increase your love by using your mind.A young woman told me that she had fallen out of love with her husband. She explained that while there was nothing negative in her marriage, there was nothing positive either. They were co-parenting but not feeling the romance that... read more
And how to stop making them.Here are the three common parenting mistakes many of us make that produce over-indulged, ungrateful children.1. The ‘As Long as they’re Happy’ AttitudeWhen I pose the question, “What would you like for your kids?”, the most common reply I receive is: We just want them to... read more
This year, give the greatest gifts money can’t buy.This is the time of year that we shower children with gifts. This year, let’s take a few moments to focus on the greatest gifts money cannot buy.1. TimeChildren crave time together with loved ones. They’re hungry for positive attention. Kids seek... read more
How one difficult conversation changed a woman’s life.“Can I tell you a story about your mother?”The young woman approached me after a recent lecture. I am always happy to hear another story about my beloved mother, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, obm. It’s as if I am receiving precious regards from... read more
Running as fast as I could as the final call blared, I realized I had lost my handbag.Nothing prepared me for the security line that greeted me at the airport after a recent lecture that I gave. I knew that I was in one of America’s busiest airports trying to return to New York, but I didn’t know... read more
New research on the key to keeping desire alive.We are hardly shocked when we hear about long term relationships breaking up. Whether celebrities or neighbors down the block, divorce has become way too common.At the start of a relationship, there is intense emotion. If you scan the brain of someone... read more
The High Holidays are an ideal time to strengthen the spiritual well-being of your home.The High Holidays are an ideal time for us to think about the spiritual foundation we are building for our homes. It’s never too late to rethink our goals and figure out the best way to reach them.Where can we... read more
Instead of mindless speculation about other peoples ruined relationships, let’s focus on how we can better our own marriages.Social media has gone wild with the breakup of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Headlines scream out “The Planet Is Shocked”; “Fans Mourn Brad and Angelina’s split"; "Cheer on... read more


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