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Are we using our words as forces of healing or hurting?Pat Quinn suffers from ALS. In 2014, Pat cofounded the famous Ice Bucket Challenge that raised over 100 million dollars to find a cure for this devastating disease. Pat championed the cause. “Every August until a cure,” he said with a weakened... read more
Every Jew is precious. On Passover, we do not simply retell a story. We see ourselves as being the ones redeemed at this very moment. Here are four hidden messages to share at your table. 1. Harness your strength. The Torah teaches us “And you shall tell your child on that day: it is because of... read more
Slovie's Letter to Her Son on His Wedding DayThis is the message I want you to always remember.My dear son,Was it not just yesterday that I cradled you in my arms, your little fingers curled around mine?I can still see your newborn body rising with each breath, feel your silken little head, and... read more
And if you’re already married, it is never too late! Relationships take work and some of the most important work happens before marriage. Here are six important skills to learn before marriage. And if you’re already married, it is never too late! 1. Work on moodiness Moodiness is a relationships... read more
Forging a path filled with love, connection, kindness and gratitude. As we approach 2018 and a stress-filled world, let’s take a few moments and think about how to live life better this year. 1. Write your story Stop reacting. Stop complaining. Instead start thinking about what you want to be. True... read more
For starters, they need to see that women are genuinely respected in your home.With so many high-profile cases of men falling in disgrace, it’s a good idea for parents to reexamine how to best raise our sons to become good men. How our sons view women when they are children will impact the way they... read more
Teaching Children RespectA practical guide to bringing the value of respect into your home. A mother called to tell me that while on vacation her husband slipped and ended up in the emergency room. Her teen kept texting – not to inquire about her father but to say that she’s bored and wants to... read more
My Moment of TruthAs my father’s cries entered the deepest crevices of my heart, I had an epiphany. One cold day in January I experienced my own personal wake-up call. My beloved father was a patient in Memorial Sloan-Kettering. He was seriously ill. In just nine weeks we watched my father’s 6 ft.... read more
4 Ways to Help Your Child be More Successful This YearFocusing on these daily habits will help your child flourish. It’s back to school time. Regardless of your child’s age, there are steps you can take to help your child thrive and flourish more this year. The key is focusing daily on these habits... read more
 I was in my kitchen following directions for a new muffin recipe when the immersion blender got stuffed with the dried ingredients, clogging the sharp blades. For a second I thought to myself, let me unplug the machine, but somehow I didn’t.I know. Big mistake.I put my finger in to scoop out the... read more


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