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MAKE AN ACCOUNTING OF YOUR LIFE The parsha always shows us the way to realize the challenges of the moment, and this week’s parsha Nitzavim is no exception; we learn how to prepare for the awesome days of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. The stirring opening words, “Atem Nitzavim HaYom” - “You are... read more
"G-D’S GUIDING HAND IN OUR HISTORY"        In this week’s parsha, the tochachos - the curses, the terrible calamities that will befall us throughout our history are enumerated. There is no parallel to this in the theological or historical writings of any other people, and this, in and of itself, is... read more
ARE YOU PREPARED? This parsha contains the most mitzvos of all the parshiot, and they encompass many areas that prepare us for Rosh HaShana and enable us to perceive that there is more to life than mere existence. The parsha opens with the stirring words, “When you shall go forth to battle against... read more
HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEKWe are now in the month of Elul, which is an acronym for “Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li” - “I am my beloved’s and My beloved is Mine” symbolizing the relationship between G-d and the Jewish people, built upon a covenant of eternal love. The month of Elul ushers in the High Holy Day... read more
SHABBOS MEVORCHIM This week is Shabbos Mevorchim, when we bless the new month of Elul, which ushers in the High Holiday season. Rosh Chodesh, falls on Tuesday, August 22nd and Wednesday, August 23rd. To put us in a proper spiritual frame of mind, we recite Psalm 27 twice daily. (Psalm 27 prayer... read more
In this week’s parsha, Moshe Rabbenu continues his farewell address, in which he bequeaths to the Jewish people, a formula for survival EVERY STEP COUNTS "Now then, O Israel, what does the L-rd your G-d ask of you? Only to revere the L-rd your G-d, to go in all His ways and to love Him, and to... read more
SHABBOS NACHAMU - SABBATH OF CONSOLATION The Shabbos following Tisha B’Av is called Shabbos Nachamu - the Sabbath of Consolation. It draws its name from the haftorah which commences with the immortal words, “Comfort ye, comfort ye, My people” (Isaiah). The word “comfort” is repeated twice, for it... read more
IT IS ALL UP TO YOU AND ME          When should you speak out and when should you remain silent? To what extent do you have to take responsibility and when should you remain passive? In our culture, it is politically correct to mind your own business, keep your nose clean and not become enmeshed in... read more
 CURSES CONVERTED INTO BLESSINGS         In this week’s parsha, we encounter Balak, King of Moab, who was determined to wipe the Jewish people off the face of planet earth, joining forces with Bilaam, the infamous heathen prophet, who was equally obsessed with hatred of our people. Both Balak and... read more
   BEYOND HUMAN UNDERSTANDING          Parshas Chukkas opens with the enigmatic words, “This is the decree of the Torah... and take unto you a Parah Adumah - a Red Heifer...” (Numbers 19:1)       The obvious question is why the text prefaces the commandment regarding the Red Heifer with those... read more


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