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IT IS ALL UP TO YOU AND ME          When should you speak out and when should you remain silent? To what extent do you have to take responsibility and when should you remain passive? In our culture, it is politically correct to mind your own business, keep your nose clean and not become enmeshed in... read more
 CURSES CONVERTED INTO BLESSINGS         In this week’s parsha, we encounter Balak, King of Moab, who was determined to wipe the Jewish people off the face of planet earth, joining forces with Bilaam, the infamous heathen prophet, who was equally obsessed with hatred of our people. Both Balak and... read more
   BEYOND HUMAN UNDERSTANDING          Parshas Chukkas opens with the enigmatic words, “This is the decree of the Torah... and take unto you a Parah Adumah - a Red Heifer...” (Numbers 19:1)       The obvious question is why the text prefaces the commandment regarding the Red Heifer with those... read more
FORMULA FOR PEACE          Korach, a cousin of Moses from the distinguished Tribe of Levites, falls prey to the three sins which our sages teach are the source of all destructive character traits: jealousy, lust, and the thirst for honor. In his obsession, he foments rebellion and tries to unseat... read more
PARSHAS SHELACH IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SEE, BUT HOW YOU SEE IT THAT COUNTS            In this week’s parsha ,we discover our tragic predilection for self-destruction. Even if G-d performs open miracles and bestows every blessing upon us, it will be to no avail if we are bent on trouble. G-d performed... read more
A JEWISH LITMUS TEST WHEN DO YOU FEEL DEPRIVED?           In this week’s parsha we find two separate incidents that reveal the essence of our people. In the opening passage, Aaron is instructed to kindle the light of the menorah. This mitzvah was given to Aaron after the Princes of the Tribes... read more
PARSHAS BAMIDBAR - DISCOVER YOUR FLAG          In this week’s parsha, we begin the 4th of the Five Books of Moses. This Book is also known as Sefer HaPekudim - the Book of Numbers, for G-d commanded that a census be taken of the Jewish people. You might ask what the purpose of that census might be... read more
This coming Shabbos we celebrate the completion of the Book of Vayikra - Leviticus, which is the third of the Five Books of the Torah.SHABBOS CHAZAK -- B`HAR B`CHUKOSAIThis Book is also known as Toras Kohanim, since it focuses on the many laws and responsibilities pertaining to the Kohanim -- the... read more
Highlight of the Week - PESACH SHENINever too late for a second chanceThe Torah relates that many people came to Moshe complaining that, since they were ritually impure, they were unable to bring the Pesach sacrifice.G-d told Moshe that those who were unable to do so, could bring the offering one... read more
THE PATH TO SPIRITUALITY        Many people will tell you that while they may not be observant, they are spiritual. What exactly does that connote? Does it mean meditating? Vegetarianism? Jogging?          It is none of the above, for all the aforementioned are self-focused. In this week’s parsha,... read more


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