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THE POWER OF SPEECH - LIFE & DEATH ARE IN THE TONGUE This week’s parsha deals with the illness of spiritual leprosy, which in Biblical times afflicted those who spoke loshon hara. Most people are under the impression that loshon hora connotes gossip - fabrications regarding others, but that is... read more
PIRKEI AVOS - ETHICS OF THE FATHERSFrom the first Sabbath after Pesach and throughout the summer months, until the Sabbath before Shavuos, we study one of the six chapters of “Ethics of the Fathers.” SHABBOS MEVORCHIM - BLESSING THE NEW MONTHThis Shabbos we celebrate the upcoming month of Iyar... read more
Shabbos Hachodesh On this Sabbath we take out a second Torah scroll and read the section of the Torah that discusses the laws of the Passover Sacrifice, and the eating of matzoh and marror. Since we are now on the threshold of Passover, we are commanded to review the many laws of this awesome... read more
PARSHAS VAYAKHEL - PEKUDEI This Shabbos has three special designations: Parshas Parah, Shabbos Chazak, and Shabbos Mevorchim. Parshas ParahNo sooner does the joyous festival of Purim pass, than preparations for Passover commence. In less than 30 days, we will be sitting around our seder tables.Our... read more
SHABBOS ZACHORThe Shabbos preceding the holiday of Purim is called Shabbos Zachor, which means “the Shabbos of Remembering.” On this Shabbos, we take out a second Torah scroll and read the Maftir from the Book of Deuteronomy (chapters 25:17-19) in which it says, “Remember what the nation of Amalek... read more
BUILDING G-D’S SANCTUARY In this week’s parsha, we find the commandments to build the mishkan and all the vessels that were contained therein, including the ark, the menorah and the altar. But interestingly enough, as the parsha enjoins us to offer our contributions, it interrupts the sequence by... read more
SHABBOS MEVORCHIM - BLESSING THE NEW MONTHThis Shabbos we bless the new month of Adar. Rosh Chodesh Adar is celebrated for two days: Thursday, February 15th and Friday, February 16th. Our sages teach that, with the advent of the month of Adar, our happiness and joy increase. This is a time of mazel... read more
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS - THE ART OF LISTENING In this week’s portion, the Ten Commandments are proclaimed. If we know how to probe and study them, we will discover that they encompass the entire Torah.Every word, every aspect of the Ten Commandments is laden with profound meaning -- even the... read more
TU B’SHEVAT This coming Wednesday is Tu B’Shevat - the New Year of Trees, will be celebrated. It is at this season that most of the trees in Eretz Yisrael begin to bud. We rejoice in the rebuilding of the land of Israel by planting trees. It is customary for Jews who live in the diaspora to eat... read more
"Reinvigorate Yourself Jewishly"At the beginning of the parsha, we are told that one of HaShem’s goals in the exodus from Egypt was to insure that we tell that story to our progeny: "And so that you may relate it in the ears of your sons and your son’s sons what I have wrought upon Egypt, and My... read more


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