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"Reinvigorate Yourself Jewishly"At the beginning of the parsha, we are told that one of HaShem’s goals in the exodus from Egypt was to insure that we tell that story to our progeny: "And so that you may relate it in the ears of your sons and your son’s sons what I have wrought upon Egypt, and My... read more
ALWAYS TO OUR BENEFIT - NEVER TO OUR DETRIMENTFrom the patriarchs and the matriarchs and all the spiritual giants who are mentioned in the Torah, we learn how to react to life`s challenges, and also how, at times, not to react. In this week’s parsha, we have a unique opportunity to learn this... read more
THE MAKING OF A GADOL - A LEADER         In this week’s Parsha, we meet Moshe Rabbenu - Moses our Teacher, for the very first time.Last week, as we concluded the Book of Genesis, we bade farewell to the patriarchs and matriarchs, and now, as we embark upon the study of the Book of Exodus, we... read more
FAST OF TEVES - THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28The Fast of Teves begins on Thursday morning at 6:05am and ends at 5:25pm.On the Tenth of Teves, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylonia, surrounded and laid siege to the holy city of Jerusalem. For a year and a half, he terrorized its citizens until the city fell and... read more
DEFINING OUR JEWISHNESS In this week’s parsha, we discover some of the ways through which the name “Jew” defines us as a people. When the sons of Jacob are confronted by the irrational accusations of the Viceroy of Egypt (Joseph) and realize that the life of their younger brother, Benjamin, was at... read more
PARSHAS MIKETZ - IT ALL DEPENDS ON US In this week’s parsha we read the dramatic story of Joseph who is now Viceroy of Egypt meeting his brethren after 22 years of separation. The brothers do not recognize Joseph and when he accuses them of espionage they are overcome by trepidation. They... read more
THE MANY FACES OF SHALOM In this week’s parsha, the word shalom is mentioned several times, and in every instance, we detect a different dimension of the word. “Shalom” means greeting; “shalom” means “peace,” and it also connotes “complete”.  In Genesis 37:4, we find that the brothers of Joseph saw... read more
CHARACTER TRAITS TO AIM FOR In this week’s parsha, after many years of separation, Jacob once again meets his brother, Esau. From the subtlety of Jacob’s language, we discover the character traits to which we, as Jews, should aspire - and the converse is also true. From Esau we learn those... read more
ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ERRORS In this week’s parsha, Vayetze, we find that, upon the advice of his parents, Jacob departs from the land of Israel and comes to the city of Harran in search of his life partner. And then the passage continues, "Vayifga BeMakom" -- "He encounters The Place" (... read more
YOUR WORDS AND DEEDS ARE A REFLECTION OF YOUIn this week’s portion, Toldos, we find that when Esau was born, he emerged from the womb "admoni" red (Gen: 25:25).It was only later on however, when he was full grown and demanded of his brother Jacob, "Pour into me now some of that red, red stuff",... read more


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