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          The Holiday of Shavuos has four different names: The Festival of Shavuos, Atzeret, Chag Ha Bikurim, and Chag Ha Katzir.NAMES FOR THE HOLIDAYThe Holiday of Shavuos has four different names:1. The Festival of Shavuos (Weeks) Biblical ref: Exodus, 34:22; Deuteronomy 16- 9:11; Leviticus, 23:... read more
In Judaism we have the concept of Koach Hazman - literally, power of time. When G-d created time, He instilled each month with a different strength. When we have holidays, it is not just an anniversary of a certain event, but within that day itself there lies different potentials with which we can... read more
         As Passover quickly approaches, there are many preparations that are incumbent upon us, chief among them is the selling of Chometz. In order to accommodate you, we have prepared a form for you to fill out, sign and return to us. This would mean that you designate me, Rabbi Osher Jungreis... read more
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